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Starting to come together


After a fair amount of time I am finally able to begin the process of striking coins using the hammered method, something I have wanted to do since very early in my S.C.A. life.

Recently the biggest obstacle was overcome when I discovered an affordable source for the steel round bar stock needed to engrave dies.

Picture 1

These arrived last week and will soon be my first sacrificial victims. Each is cold finished 1018 steel, 3 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter. Thankfully they will require a minimum of filing to get the ends as flat as possible. The only prep work that needs to be done is to smooth/polish the ends with sand paper. They could be used as is, but without polishing, the coins when struck will not be “crisp and clean”.

The next significant task will be to figure out how best to transfer the design to the die face, and practice of course.